Windows 10 chrome drag and drop not working

Mar 19, 2016 · Drag and drop not working on Google Chrome What is JotForm? JotForm is a free online form builder which helps you create online forms without writing a single line of code.

Feb 23, 2017 · As stated in the title, the drag-and-drop functionality was not working on the Libraries in IE11. However, I read that it was supposed to work OOTB (don't have any Office 2013 installed on the machine). So I tested by trying out drag-and-drop using Chrome and it worked! Suddenly now my drag and drop function does not work on the desktop. I am in Chrome and using Windows 7 When I try to move a file it just opens the file instead of moving it HELP
Dec 29, 2013 · Hi!, Its weird, i search the net and all they said is that sharepoint 2013 drag and drop feature will work on IE 10, but in our case in our network its not working on all our client pc's even though we have IE 10 installed and office 2013. but when i tried to change Document Mode to IE9 in the developers tools. its working flawlessly.

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Version of chrome is "46.0.2490.80 m" and I tried cleaning cahce, deleting temporary files, disabling touch features of chrome, re-installing chrome, uninstalling Avira (browser security), use different mouse, restarting Windows etc. BTW, Drag drop feature of IE and Firefox works just as expected.

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Windows 10 chrome drag and drop not working

Apr 16, 2017 · Drag & Drop not working properly anymore ON Windows 7 when I drag a URL from chrome to the desktop, the icon gets dropped to the the next available spot in line on the far left side of the main monitor. If I redrag it from the browser to the 2nd monitor it says the file already exists and if I want to replace. I say YES and THEN it drops...

I have an issue with drag and drop on Chrome (v69.0.3497.100). Specifically, some of the drag and drop events are getting fired when Windows scaling is other than 100% even though they shouldn't be firing. Check out stackblitz example, and try to drag "blue" rectangle over itself (just drag, move a little bit downwards and drop).
Jun 02, 2016 · It really appears to be the same issue that Matt described above - that the drag/drop code that works perfectly pre Windows 10 does not work in Windows 10. There's a strange behaviour I see where if the user drags from the external app and drops into the top left corner of the email body (say the top-left 10% of the body), then the attachment ...

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Drag and Drop not working for Chrome. ... Just getting our SP 2026 env. up and running... ran into an issue where we can no longer use Drag and Drop with Chrome.

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