Unity il2cpp debug

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Hi, I work in Unity 2018.4.16f1 (64-bit). Today I had to build my project in Grudle, but there is a problem. Help me as soon as possible. Please do not write much, but to understand, you can write a solution step by step.
Jul 30, 2019 · Symptom. You have created a Unity project to create an app using MRTK2, and you want to use the new IL2CPP backend. You open the solution in Visual Studio 2019, you try to deploy it by using Build/Deploy and all the way at the end the compiler complains about “CL.exe” missing. Unity crashes - kaeserei-elixhausen.at ... Unity crashes

Build and Mac standalone player for both IL2CPP and Mono, make sure you can debug these. Try to use the Unity profiler to profile the iOS player on your device - the debugger discovery protocol uses the same TCP connection as the profiler. Try a different IDE. You can use VS for Mac or Visual Studio from a Windows machine.

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Unity il2cpp debug

You can get the symbols from the following locations after each build: ProjectFolder\Temp\StagingArea\libs\x86\libil2cpp.so.debug; ProjectFolder\Temp\StagingArea\libs\armeabi-v7a\libil2cpp.so.debug; Make sure to not close the Unity Editor before copying the symbols files to a different folder.

Visual Studio 2010 with C++ compilers and Windows 7 SDK (it cannot build C++ code because it is not installed)
il2cpp.exe这个工具是一个托管代码可执行文件,其完全由C#写成。在开发IL2CPP的过程中,我们同时使用.NET和Mono编译器对其进行编译。 il2cpp 接受来自Unity自带的或者由Mono编译器产生的托管程序集,将这些程序集转换成C++代码。

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