Unhandledpromiserejectionwarning typeerror puppeteer launch is not a function

I originally posted this on GitHub, but since I got the intention that these types of errors should be posted in this forum, I'll post it here as well. Describe the ...

With regard to Watir-Webdriver I asked Jari (the main driving force behind Watir-webdriver) about this and got the following answer, which may give you a path to pursue if you need this badly enough
nRF Connect v1.1: no support for Windows 10 without a dongle so looks like I have to find an android or iThingy in the cupboard: no problem. Hi, Yes, nRF Connect v1.1 does support connection to BLE devices on Windows 10, but it does require a nRF51/52 DK/dongle for communication. It's important to understand that callbacks do not indicate an asynchronous call in the code. A function can call the callback both synchronously and asynchronously. For example, here's a host function fileSize that accepts a callback function cb and can invoke that callback function both synchronously and asynchronously based on a condition:

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I am also having this problem. I am running puppeteer with puppeteer.launch(headless: false); so I can see what's going on, and ArrowLeft works, but Enter doesn't. I checked the API documentation, and it clearly says that page.press("Enter") is the way to do this, but it doesn't work for me.

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Unhandledpromiserejectionwarning typeerror puppeteer launch is not a function

undefined is not a function. i am also in the same state, i receive the "undefined is not a function" however the app seems working, i registered raspi openhab to it and i can see notifications and items however when i try the remote access it redirects me to myopenhab.org. would be great if there is any little bit detailed steps

Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack ExchangeSep 30, 2014 · The bracket operator ‘[]’ not to be confused with an empty list. The expression inside the brackets specifies the index. len(T) function returns the number of elements in the tuple, T[i] returns the element at index “i” (the first elements has index 0), and T[x:y] returns a new tuple, containing the elements between x and y. Example:
Jan 05, 2018 · The nearest I've found to an answer is in this SO thread - TypeError: db.collection is not a function , but as far as I can see, I have my script set up correctly for a v3.x MongoDB environment ...

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