Sling inspection training

for the protection of workers and facilities relating to crane, hoist and slings in 29 CFR 1910 Subpart N Materials Handling and Storage. The OSU Crane, Hoist and Sling Safety Program outline departmental responsibilities and provide important safety information regarding the use of these specialized lifting devices.

The Rigging Gear Inspector Course is designed to build and enhance the skills of the student to become a qualified, in-house rigging gear inspector. The course includes classroom sessions and multiple hands-on inspection activities.
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Hands on and written exam will be performed at the conclusion of this training on day 1 to test students comprehension of materials. A certificate of training and rigging inspector wallet card will be awarded. On-Site Rigging Gear & Sling Inspection Training Available at your location for one or more operating shifts. Call Mark to discuss options.

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Sling inspection training

A. Attend training on the requirements of the Crane Safety Program which includes the inspection requirements of chains, slings, and hoists. B. Assure that the requirements of the program are observed, with respect to daily, monthly and annual inspections. Establish and maintain an inspection checklist record keeping system. Ensure the fitness

Designed to protect your slings whilst in operation, Saferight's Sling Protector are the perfect option for your business. We recommend using colour-coded Sling Inspection Tags to help reduce staff’s time when searching for Slings which need inspecting. Need Simple Sling Inspections?: For the 6 Monthly Inspections we recommend using the SlingSpector platform and app to conduct safe, efficient sling inspections, with consistency across an entire organisation.
On-site Inspection Program. Super Slings also offers an on-site inspection program to ensure sling safety and OH&S compliance. This program includes a complete inventory of your slings with online tracking and optional RFID tracking. Inspection times can be tailored to your needs and your schedule.Slings and assemblies are made from wire rope, chain, or flat webbing. Wire rope slings and alloy chain slings are strong, durable, abrasion-resistant and conform to the shape of the load they are lifting. They are ideal for lifting high-temperature loads and for extreme conditions where durability is a must.

Daily Inspection Checklist/ Other Useful Info. 701476- Branch Request Input Form. 701778- Mod Labels Printed Sheet. 703210 SC1000 Daily Inspection Checklist. 703211 Zmac Daily Inspection Checklist. 703212 Air Basket Daily Inspection Checklist

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