Pulse radar chip

Front-End Processing for Monopulse Doppler Radar 9 Introduction This project deals with the study of a Front-End Processing for a Monopulse Doppler Radar ( FEPMR ), in charge of Pulse Compression and Doppler Digital Filtering. AXIR ( Automatic Xband Instrumentation Radar ) is a concept of a low cost radar, specially designed for the TEXAS ...

The X2 impulse radar transceiver from Novelda gives access to advanced sensor technology in one single IC. The flexible transceiver makes X2 the perfect choice for implementing high accuracy, high resolution sensing systems with low power consumption.
radar measurements. With no moving parts, built-in diagnostics, and straightforward installation and commissioning, non-contactin g radar transmitters are widely adopted for their ease-of-use and low maintenance requirements. Pulse and FMCW techniques To perform continuous level measurements, non-contacting radar level transmitters

The prices for Didactical Pulse Radar DPR-886 can be well above 25,000 €. (Prices are subject to change.) Based on the hardware of the presented devices is also available on request a simple Synthetic Aperture Radar, and the components for MIMO Radar systems (radar transceivers each with its own arbitrary waveform generator and USB interface ...

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Pulse radar chip

radar system. Since a short pulse requires a high peak power which is unattainable for many constraints such as voltage breakdown, dimension of waveguide etc, the radar system uses a longer pulse and pulse compression technique. For high range resolution radar, the need for pulse compression is inevitable.

chip length (e.g. if the radar transmits 26 μs pulses, each pulse consisting of 13 phase coded chips that are 2 μs in length, then the measurement bandwidth should be ≤ 1/(2 μs) = 500 kHz). ≤ (Bc/T) 1/2 for swept-frequency (FM, or chirp) radars, where B c is the range of frequency sweep during each pulse and T is the pulse length (e.g ...
A pulsed radar transmits a pulse, then is silent for a period. During this period of silence, it can listen for the small returns reflected off targets. By contrast, a CW radar is always transmitting, and so it has to detect returns against a back...Simrad is a leading global manufacturer of Marine Chartplotters, Autopilots & Entertainment for sports fishing boats, motor boats & luxury cruisers.

API Technologies' Solid State Pulsed Power Amplifier products provide output power up to 1 kW and suited for wide band operation. These amplifiers utilize state of the art thermal simulation and scanning tools as well as multiple design technologies resulting in reduced size, excellent thermal performance, and improved reliability.

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