New process transfer case fluid

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We can rebuild any differential, transmission or transfer case on the market today. We stock Fuller transmission , Spicer, Rockwell, Eaton, Mack, Fuller transmissions or differentials . Parts for heavy, medium and light duty trucks including all makes and models and hard to find parts and outdated units.
Dec 30, 2012 · Hey guys. New here to GMT. Just got a 2002 Bravada a few days ago. I had no awd, did lots of research and found I needed to change tcase fluid before I did much at all so I did. The old fluid came out blue, looked clean and free of foreign material and looked to be proper amount. Replaced with... TRANSFER CASES PART PER NUMBER UNIT DESCRIPTION YEARS Transfer Case New Process Model 231 Part-Time Transfer Case 1988-On GMC & Chevy T-Series / 1986-On Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler / 1988-On Dodge Dakota / 1998-On Durango

Typically 4WD Switches are located on the transfer case but in some cases may be found on the front axle. There are two types of designs--Vacuum or Electric powered. 4WD Switches typically send a signal to the 4WD actuator which engages the front axle. The Vacuum style fails when the unit's ability to regulate air pressure becomes compromised.

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New process transfer case fluid

New Venture Gear transmissions and transfer cases. The Muncie, Indiana, plant under New Venture Gear produced the NV4500, NV3500, and NV3550 light truck transmissions. The Syracuse New Process Gear plant produced transfer cases for all of the "Big Three" Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors.

NP205 New Process Transfer Case Diagram. The NP205 transfer case is a heavy duty gear driven transfer case in a cast iron case. The NP205 gear driven transfer case is considered by many to be the king of bulletproof. It was supplied in many GM, Ford, International and Dodge full-size trucks. Oct 18, 2005 · AFAIK, the transfer case (the little bulge hanging off the rear of the gearbox) doesn't take oil as such. It is fed by what amounts to A/T fluid which is stored in a reservoir located in the RHS of the boot, behind the boot lining panel.
Clutch chatter can result from the use of improper fluid. Transfer Case Fluid NP/NV 231 Recommended lubricant for the NV231 transfer case is Mopar Dexron II, or ATF Plus 3, type 7176. Approximate lubricant fill capacity is 1.2 liters (2.5 pints). NP/NV 242 Recommended lubricant for the NV242 transfer case is Mopar Dexron II, or ATF Plus, type 7176. NP205 Seal & Gasket Kit Direct Mount Transfer Case: New 1978-79 Ford Bronco 1973-79 Ford F150 1973-79 Ford F250 1973-79 Ford F350 1980-83 Ford F250 & F350 100% New Process Gear(NPG) product. For Direct Mount Transfer Case

Welcome to your best source of information for automotive and light truck oil and fluid capacities. Simply click on the Fluid Capacity Lookup button below, and then follow the directions to prepare a complete and printable list of filters and fluid capacities for your vehicle.

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