Lsa pulley install tool

Oct 14, 2015 · Because your running a smaller upper pulley it is more than likely gonna need a 1/2 shorter belt, since the 10% OD pulley with our kit normally uses a 46.5" belt that means your probably gonna need a 46" belt. and nobody manufactures a 46" 8 rib belt, so you are going to have to run a 6 rib belt to run that pulley combination.

Wag-Aero supplies components for three unique homebuilt aircraft: the Sport Trainer, the Wag-A-Bond and the Sportsman 2+2. Aero Fabricators, a division of the Wag-Aero Group, is a certified repair station for engine mounts, seat belts and exhaust systems. Rated R Motorsports specializes in performance LS & LT parts. We carry a full line of cam kits, turbos, heads, ls swap parts, accessory brackets and much more. We are a licensed dealer for major companies like Brian Tooley Racing (BTR), Tick Performance, Comp Cams, Holley, ICT Billet and many more. LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7
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Metco's LSA supercharger pulleys are one-piece units CNC-machined from high grade steel. The center bore is sized for the appropriate interference fit and no pinning or drilling is necessary for installation. The finished pulley is powdercoated in a semi-gloss black for long lasting surface protection.

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Lsa pulley install tool

Accessory Drive Idler Pulley Failure . Expires with Base Warranty . MODELS: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro . Equipped with V8 Engine (L99/LS3/LSA/LS7) 2015 Chevrolet Silverado . 2015 GMC Sierra . Equipped with V6 Engine (LV3) This service update includes vehicles in dealer inventory and customer vehicles that return to the dealership for any reason.

no threads in the shaft to grab or use. the new pulley goes on effortless if heated. I used a map gas torch to get hub almost glowing and it slid on like a glove! You have to pull entire snout off to use hyd press. Constructed of lightweight 6061T6 aluminum, the ALTA supercharger pulley body decreases rotational inertia of the supercharger adding response to your engine. Holes are cross drilled through the pulley and over each groove, to increase belt grip and reduce belt slippage as your belt stretches.
Lsa starter tune Doing a swap on my 2007 Tahoe long tubes 3 inch duals e85 flex 5.3. Going with lsa blower and 2.50 pulley so around 10 lbs. Stock lsa injectors e38 ecm looking for some one willing to get me started with a good base tune to go from.

Jun 02, 2014 · The low inlet on these intakes collides with the truck accessory drive’s idler pulley and the water pump. If you use a carbureted-style intake, this wasn’t a problem, but if your plan is to use a factory-style intake, the pulley and water pump prevented this—until now.

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