Hamvoip commands

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A description of the ADMIN menu commands. 1. Perform a system update This allows the user to update their system from the hamvoip repository. Any updates including kernel updates will be included. It is the option of the user to update their systems periodically when updates are announced.
The WM4B-R Echolink node is located at the QTH of WM4B and links to the WM4B (146.670) repeater at the Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins. Echolink is provided via the AllStarLink network. The node consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running HamVoip and a Masters Communications RA-42 interface.

Allows user to receive general system information, such as notifications of configuration reloads. Allows user to perform system management commands such as Restart, Reload, or Shutdown. call: Allows user to receive events about channels on the system. Allows user to set information on channels. log

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Hamvoip commands

GPIO Library installation on Allstar distro from hamvoip. The Allstar distribution built by hamvoip doesn't provide the GPIO library. Also, at the time I am writing these lines hamvoip uses an older ArchLinux distro with an old GPIO library. Therefore the best way to have GPIO library in good working condition is to install it from the sources.

Hwclock updates the adjtime file to show the current time as the last time the clock was calibrated, and records 2 seconds per day as the systematic drift rate. 24 hours go by, and then you issue a hwclock--adjust command. Hwclock consults the adjtime file and sees that the clock gains 2 seconds per day when left alone and that it has been left ...
- Edit controlpanel.ini.php for your desired commands. Be sure to keep the labels[] and the cmds[] tags in assoicated pairs. Allstar Database - If you don't have the Allstar "database" (really just a text file) the Node Information column will only show the IP address of the remote nodes.

Echolink incoming and outgoing connections are supported through this channel driver. Incoming connections are made from any Echolink node in the usual manner. An app_rpt user dials an additional prefix digit in the connect command to distinguish between Allstar ([2,4-5]), Echolink (3) node numbers. Do I have to join the Allstar Link Network? No.

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