2304 mhz transverter

Why Do We USe a Transverter? To use amateur frequencies above 1.3 GHZ “As a General Statement” there really is no “Off The Shelf” equipment - the little there is available is quite expensive – and a transverter can be used to get you to higher frequencies. Instead of building a 2304 . Mhz

A 222MHz Amplifier for the Low Power Transverter. Art Pightling W0BA. While +20dBm seems like a small signal we have found 75+ miles is not a difficult path with good antennas and fairly unobstructed terrain, the time will come when you wish you had “just a little bit more” power. Apr 01, 2013 · After successful testing of NOTARS-C band transverter for the 3400 MHz it was just a matter of time to do the same with the transverter for the S band. It means this transverter can be used on all 13cm bands world wide 2304 MHz, 2320 MHz, 2401 MHz etc...
The transverter is dual conversion with a first IF of 2304 MHz and a second IF of 144 MHz. Al’s IF radio is an ICOM IC-271. He samples some of the 2-meter IF signal and downconverts even further to 28 MHz. The 28 MHz signal feeds both a GR-1216 IF amplifier for measuring Sun and Moon noise, and a Drake R7 re-ceiver. Although Al has used his ...

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The biggest disadvantage is usually frequency coverage. The transverter covers only a few MHz. of each band. This can be a problem if you intend to work satellites, since the satellite bands and weak signal frequencies are in different parts of the amateur bands. The Elecraft rigs want a 28-30 MHz. IF, 28-32 for 432-436 MHz..

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2304 mhz transverter

3456 MHz Transverter - W1VT. 144 MHz to 28 MHz Receive Converter REW. 2304 MHz Transverter - WA0IQN. 2304 MHz to 144 MHz Receive Converter - KT2B. 2314 MHz to 63 MHz Receive Converter. 50 MHz Receive Converter - WB4KMB. 144 MHz to HF PLL Transverter - W4BF. 144 MHz to 28 MHz Transverter - Light - RA3WDK

2304 MHz Fixed Station ... Transverter & Loop Yagi in Attic T.Apel 2. K5TRA LO - in Kuhne MKU23G2 3 T.Apel • IF frequency = 144 MHz • LO frequency = 2160 MHz (for ...
RefLocking DEMI Microwave Transverters ... 10GHz DEMI transverter, but will work equally well on all DEMI transverters using the ... 2304 180.000 MHz 1080.000 MHz ... Similar devices include transponders, transverters, and repeaters. Elecraft offers an all-mode (CW, FM, SSB) transverter for the band compatible with its K2 and K3 transceivers. Transverter

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2304 MHz Transverter - Transmitter Construction After what seemed like forever, the ABPM (All Band Power Meter) arrived from Down East Microwave. I had also ordered 2 ERA-2 amplifier boards at the same time.

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